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About Ischemix

Ischemix is a privately-held pharmaceutical company that has developed novel cytoprotective compounds for the prevention and treatment of serious conditions of the kidney, heart, brain and other organ systems.

Lead Product

Ischemix’ lead product candidate, CMX-2043, is a patented, new chemical entity based on a naturally-occurring molecule. A potent cytoprotective agent, CMX-2043 enhances inherent protective mechanisms, enabling cells to survive the challenges of impaired blood flow, drug treatments, and diagnostic contrast agents. In a Phase 2 trial (SUPPORT-1), CMX-2043 demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce cardiac injury in patients receiving a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). In a 360-patient Phase 2 trial (CARIN) CMX-2043 demonstrated safety but did not meet pre-specified endpoints regarding prevention of contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) or cardiac injury in cardiac catheterization lab subjects. The company is now conducting preclinical studies to test the hypothesis that the pharmacokinetics of the drug in the trial were significantly altered by the renal insufficiency status of trial subjects. CMX-2043 is currently in additional preclinical development to confirm initial studies that showed efficacy of the drug for treatment of traumatic brain injury.

Market Opportunity

Invasive cardiac procedures, surgery and certain pharmaceutical regimens expose kidneys to damage leading to longer hospital stays, need for dialysis, and even early death. This damage, called hospital-acquired acute kidney injury (HA-AKI) afflicts about 1.8 million US patients per year, costing the healthcare system more than $10 billion. X-ray contrast agents, used in more than one million coronary angiography and stent procedures, are associated with about 150,000 annual cases of HA-AKI. Each year in the United States, about two million people suffer a TBI, approximately 675,000 injuries are seen in the emergency department, and about 500,000 patients are hospitalized. In preclinical studies CMX-2043 protected kidneys against this injury. There is no approved drug for protection against CI-AKI, HA-AKI, or stent-related cardiac or renal injury.