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Reinier Beeuwkes, Ph.D.

Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Beeuwkes joined Ischemix in 2002 as a Director and was appointed President/CEO in 2005. Dr. Beeuwkes began his career working with Nobelist Bernard Lown on "cardioversion," the electrical correction of cardiac arrhythmia. From 1970 to 1982, Dr. Beeuwkes held a faculty position at Harvard Medical School. His work centered on the microcirculation of the kidney and heart, and resulted in more than 80 publications, including four chapters in renal textbooks and three award-winning kidney-focused educational films. With A. Clifford Barger, he discovered the association of coronary vasa vasorum with atherosclerotic plaque. This work is widely cited in myocardial infarction literature.

In 1982, Dr. Beeuwkes co-founded Braintree Laboratories, Inc., a privately held pharmaceutical company which pioneered products for colonoscopy. From 1982-1987, he served as Director of Renal and Cardiovascular Pharmacology at Smith Kline and French Laboratories and Director of Strategic Planning for SmithKline Worldwide R&D. He holds nine U.S. patents. Dr. Beeuwkes earned his B.S. from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. from Harvard University.

David A. DeWahl, Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. DeWahl joined Ischemix in January 2013 as President and Chief Executive Officer. He was previously Vice President of Corporate Development for Helix Therapeutics, Inc., a private company utilizing DNA repair technology licensed from Yale University to treat patients with genetically-based diseases. Mr. DeWahl is also a co-founder of Life Science Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which is developing novel therapeutics to treat cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses based on IP licensed from The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dana Farber and other major academic research institutions.

Prior to his experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, Mr. DeWahl was an investment banker focused on the health care and life sciences industry for over 25 years, including positions as a Managing Director at Prudential Securities, Oppenheimer and Co., Vector Securities and Life Science Group. Mr. DeWahl has successfully raised capital and/or advised on corporate partnerships for numerous companies with biopharmaceutical and other life science products currently on the market, including Tarceva® (Roche/Genentech), Byetta® (Bristol-Myers/Amylin), Synvisc® (Sanofi/Genzyme), Adagen® (Enzon) and WinRho® (Cangene).

Mr. DeWahl received his BA in economics from the University of Wisconsin and his MBA in finance from Columbia University.

Geoffrey E. Clark, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Clark was a co-founder and first Medical Director of Braintree Laboratories, Inc. He has been instrumental in preparing the clinical and toxicological sections of several New Drug Applications, as well as designing and monitoring clinical trials. He has also been responsible for the preparation of FDA reports for marketed pharmaceuticals. In addition to his responsibilites at Braintree Laboratories, he maintained an active clinical practice for more than 30 years. Dr Clark graduated from Harvard College and received his medical degree at the State University of New York at Buffalo. There he conducted research in nutritional science and immunology. He returned to Boston to complete his internship, residency and fellowship training at the Harvard Medical School services of Cambridge and Boston City Hospitals.