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Ischemix, Inc. Announces First International Patent Coverage of Novel Analogs of its Lead Cytoprotective Compound

December 9, 2015

Ischemix, Inc., a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that has developed novel compounds for cytoprotection in the kidney, heart and other organ systems, announced that a patent application covering analogs of its lead compound, CMX-2043, was recently granted approval in New Zealand. This is the first international approval for these analogs, which gained proprietary protection in the US in 2014. This new approval expands the chemical landscape established for CMX-2043 by a patent granted in 2011. Ischemix has been granted 23 international patents to date.

CMX-2043 is currently being investigated in a Phase 2 clinical trial for prevention of contrast-induced acute kidney injury and periprocedural cardiac injury in cardiac catheterization patients. In a previous, successful Phase 2 trial, CMX-2043 demonstrated the ability to significantly reduce cardiac injury in PCI patients.

“This composition of matter and method of use patent further strengthens Ischemix’ intellectual property position and advances the field of renal and cardiac cytoprotection in targeting the large, unmet medical needs for prevention of hospital-acquired acute kidney injury, including contrast-induced acute kidney injury, and for periprocedural cardiac injury” said David A. DeWahl, Jr., President and CEO of Ischemix.

Chairman and CSO of Ischemix, Reinier Beeuwkes, commented “The multi-modal mechanism of action of these compounds provides the opportunity to create effective therapeutics for diseases or conditions that afflict millions of people worldwide.”

PCT 610378 entitled “Lipoyl Compounds and Their Use For Treating Ischemic Injury” received approval by the Commissioner of Patents, Trademarks and Designs of New Zealand. This is the first international approval for US Patent No. 8,815,937 B2 entitled with the same name and issued August 26, 2014. This new patent is an extension to US Patent No. 7,928,067 B2 entitled “Compositions and Methods for Treating Ischemia and Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury” issued in April 2011.